Partnering with us

Prayer is the most important thing that you can do. Asia seems a long way away but we have a great God who listens and answers our prayers. We would love you to join praying with us for Asia so that we can build God’s church together through prayer.

Ways we can help you pray – go to ‘contact us’ section if you are interested
• Monthly Prayer Calendar and biannual magazine ‘The Messenger’
• Urgent prayer emails
• Monthly prayer group resources

“When you pray your arm becomes longer and your hand works with us” – Pastor in Asia

We have often been struck by how much difference a single visit makes to the Christians in Asia. Below is one such story: ‘I was sceptical about visiting the Christians in a remote village without an interpreter, thinking how much difference could I make without being able to speak to them! After we showed them our Bible and they showed us their church and we prayed together, neither understanding what the other said, we were on our way again. As we left one woman ran behind the van shouting and waving her arms in the air in an enthusiastic and spectacular way. When we got back our driver had been so touched by this he got someone to interpret what she said – “Thank you for seeing us, you are the first visitors we have seen outside our country. Thank you for coming, you have really encouraged us, please come back soon.”’

Get involved! Each year, teams of people are travelling from the UK, usually for one or two weeks to visit the Christians in the Access Restricted Nations. The trips range from delivering bibles, providing training/ministry, children’s camps, medical clinics or simply just encouraging Christians; this could be you!

Prayer and encouragement for the Christians in these access restricted countries are extremely important but we could not do all the work we do without the generous giving from our supporters. Your giving enables us to be able to come alongside those who think they have been forgotten and provide support; helping Christians be self supporting through the work of the livelihood projects; being able to print and distribute Bibles as well as many more opportunities.